What is Resolution

Resolution is basic element to intuitively evaluate the quality of video and the performance of the display devices. This parameter general represents the definition of the picture and how many details one devices could provide to viewers.

Resolution is a parameter which defines the precision of the video. As we all know that the whole image that has been provided by the display devices are combined with enormous tiny pixels that the more pixels one screen could contain, the more details it could provide to the viewer.

There are several types of the standard resolution that has been adopted in most of our display devices in the modern era. Except from several low definition such as 480P or 360P, the resolution that is higher than 720P could be generally concluded as the high-definition(HD) picture. 720P which has a horizontal pixel of 1280 and a vertical pixel of 720 is able to deliver a total number of 921 thousand pixels. Considering it is an boundary between the definition of HD and ordinary picture in modern standard, it could provide the viewer with the picture that contains most of the information comparing to the reality, for example, the loge of passersby’ coat or the clear license plate of the car.

The next higher standard about the resolution is 1080P which enjoys a pixel of 1920*1080 and a total number of pixels of 2073600. Theoretically, it contains a double number of pixels within the picture, so it is qualified to provides double details and information than the 720P. Currently, 1080P is the most prevalent resolution that has been adopted in our display devices such as TV, computer monitor along with the high standard format in various video website. In order to make and clear difference between the 720 HD, 1080P resolution will usually be called as Full HD(FHD).


Another most seen resolution that is higher than 1080P is 2K, it has a more standards such as 2048*1080 or 2048*1536 from 1080P , etc., whereas normally, 2K resolution represented the pixels of 2560*1440 which possess a total number of 3686400 pixels. Considering it has a quadruple pixels from 720P HD, it sometimes is shortened as the QHD resolution. What need to be noticed is that 2K is the standard format that most of the cinema screen has been used.


As a matter of fact, more and more cinemas are on the process to acquire at least one 4K screen for their movie hall. 4K is resolution of 3840*2160/4096*2160 which has the ability to display a picture that has 4 times of more details than 1080P. Ultra HD(UHD) is its abbreviation to distinguish from HD, FHD and QHD. Recently, 4K are gradually pushing forward to replace 1080P as the standard of the TV resolution along with the prevalence of 4K video in internet.


4K is not the highest standard neither in display devices or video format. Some TV brand has already released their high-end TV model which has a resolution of 8K that possess pixels of 7680*4320. Hardware manufacturers such as Nvidia also released their graphic products which support the resolutions within the games up to 8K. It won’t be long for us to enjoy a higher definition of picture in the near future.


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