What is HDMI ARC

HDMI arc brings the most reliable and convenient solution for your entertainment system. You can easily set up your TV and soundbar with a single cable.
The HDMI arc is one of the best home theatre features to emerge recently and benefits users. You probably have seen the ARC label and wondered about it. In this post, we will share some helpful information about HDMI ARC.

What is HDMI ARC


The full meaning of ARC simply means Audio Return Channel. It is available on TVs, soundbars, and receivers. And allows a smooth connection between devices over a single HDMI connection. You can also use the HDMI as input and audio output.
In 2009, ARC was introduced and became increasingly popular in TVs, receivers, and soundbars. You can check your device’s manual to be sure, but typically anything that works with the HDMI 1.4 should support ARC.

What can you do with HDMI ARC?

The good news is, today, you can do essentially everything you need to get that two-way flow of sound without worrying about extra cables and clutter. The ARC capable port lets you connect your soundbar to your TV.
1. The HDMI cable makes it easy to connect your audio system. More so, you do not need a separate audio receiver. Also, you can use it for every device that connects to the TV, such as game consoles, Blu-ray players, etc.
This brings convenience for many users since you can run the connections through the soundbar, allowing you to shift several HDMI connections from the TV without additional setup.
2. This is also helpful if your TV is wall-mounted, you may not have access to all the HDMI ports or desire a more organized setup with few cables visible.
3 The ARC system allows you to effectively connect the TV with a speaker system or soundbar. The ARC connection enables the transmission of audio from the TV to your speakers.
The HDMI ARC allows an automatic connection of the TV audio and whatever external device is connected to it.
4. Using a dedicated cable, you can deliver sound to your soundbar with an ARC-supported system.
ARC can reduce the number of cables and controls needed for your system.
5. The HDMI ARC comes in handy for things that require extra cables.

Do I Require a Specific HDMI Cable for HDMI ARC?

Fortunately, you do not need a separate HDMI cable. Old cables can be useful. Although the technology was introduced using HDMI version 1.4, most HDMI cables meet the standard.
However, a high bandwidth definition HDMI cable is required to stream high definition media with 5.1 surround or higher.
Does your TV Have an ARC Connection
It’s simple to check if your TV has an ARC connection. Check the HDMI port to see if the ARC label is inscribed. It is usually separate from other ports and will be labeled as HDMI ARC, for instance.
New models of TV have at least one ARC port. However, some recent TVs also have every port compatible with ARC. The manual of your TV can provide the necessary information, including if it supports ARC.

●Firstly you need to locate the HDMI ARC port on your TV

●You need to insert a high-speed HDMI cable.

●Power on the TV

●Also, you need to power on the audio device.

●The other end of the HDMI cable should be plugged into the ARC port on your audio device.

●Go to your TV settings and disable TV speakers.

●Enable ARC or HDMI CEC in the settings on your TV.

●Finally, your TV sound should come through the speakers.

One common mistake many people make is failing to change the audio output to HDMI ARC. You will also need to enable HDMI control.
Some brands also call this feature HDMI-CEC and not ARC. And sometimes, depending on your TV brand, you can turn the HDMI ARC from the advanced features settings

What Can I do if HDMI ARC is not Working

The HDMI ARC works effectively without any problem. However, if it fails to work, you will need to do some troubleshooting. Go to the settings on your TV and enable HDMI ARC audio. It may have a different name like CEC. You can also ensure the power on both devices are on too.

HDMI ARC Drawbacks

The HDMI ARC is great for its simplicity and audio output. However, it has some drawbacks. It was designed to replace the S/PDIF digital audio outputs and support every audio that would follow the same process through S/PDI, the TV’s two-channel audio, and 5.1 surround sound without any challenges. Unfortunately, it has some limitations, just like the S/PDIF standard. It is unable to send high-bit-rate audio.
Many users find this frustrating, especially since downstream audio over HDMI can perform this function without any problem. This makes this a limitation of the ARC spec. Again, some TVs downgrade the audio output over ARC, converting it to a two-channel sound even when it is 5.1 audio. Finally, depending on your TV model, you may experience a lower quality over ARC.

Why Should I Choose HDMI ARC over Optical

HDMI ARC is more advanced and better than optical in terms of functionality. It has higher bandwidth and can transfer high-resolution video and audio. Whereas the optimal has limited usage as it does not support video.
Finally, HDMI ARC works with all most brands and TV models. Since it works with any cable, you don’t need to get a special kind of cable. Ventioncable produces HDMI cables of superior quality. You can visit our website for more information.

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