Various Uses of The Docking Station Interface

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Laptops are light and easy to carry, making them the first choice for many business people. However, in recent years, the slimmer and thinner notebooks have had to rely on external devices to expand their functionality. This is why docking stations have come into the spotlight.

HDMI port, connect to TV or projector for fast screen casting

The docking station supports an HDMI port to connect your mobile phone /TV/projector etc. for quick screen casting.
Use the docking station to connect your mobile phone/PC to your TV when you are relaxing at home and enjoy watching movies on a large screen better.
Apart from casting screen to watch movies, you can also cast screen to the projector to share PPT and other meeting materials for more efficient work.

Various uses of the docking station interface

VGA port, office connection to PC and projector

The VGA connector, a video connector with a pin count of 15, is divided into three rows of five each and is mainly used for the output of older computers.
This interface is often used for office use, connecting a computer to a projector, whether for PPT presentations or video shows, with clear picture quality and easy operation.

Various uses of the docking station interface2

Network port, plug in network cable for internet access

Some users prefer cable access to the internet and will find it more stable, so the docking station’s cable interface is still very practical.
Users can connect to the wired network, office, games, downloads and transfers are all unhindered and can enjoy a more comfortable internet experience.
There are generally 100 megabit ports and gigabit ports to choose from, so you can choose one before you buy it in conjunction with your usual network situation.

Various uses of the docking station interface3

SD/TF card slot, transfer copy

When you want to insert an SD card from your camera into your computer for sorting, it turns out that the computer simply does not have a card slot and cannot be inserted.
This is where the docking station comes in handy. It supports the connection of SD/TF cards, enabling quick reading and easy copying.

Various uses of the docking station interface4

USB interface for connecting keyboards, U-disks, card readers, etc.

The USB port can be externally connected to a USB stick, mouse and keyboard, mobile hard disk, etc. These external devices are often used in everyday work and life. In addition, it is also possible to connect small fans or desk lamps and other lifestyle items to make the office more comfortable.
Common USB interfaces are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, with USB 3.0 being the choice for faster transfers.

Various uses of the docking station interface

PD charging port for playing while charging

The PD charging port depends on whether it supports PD protocol fast charging, and if this feature is supported, you can ensure that your laptop is charged while you use it.

Various uses of the docking station interface