USB HUB with power supply. How to choose usb hub?

USB HUB is a USB port expansion for more than one USB port device, search VEnTIOn Official Store in Aliexpress  , you will see a wide range of USB HUB, these HUB addition to the appearance and how much the jack difference, there are some Functional differences, how to choose a better USB HUB with power supply?

USB HUB with power supply. How to choose usb hub?

How to choose USB HUB with power supply?

1.USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

Choose 3.0 if you want to transfer faster. There is no requirement on this election 2.0, the price is similar, personal recommendations to choose 3.0, after all, the computer USB port is now standard USB3.0.

2.Whether with power supply

If you buy the HUB to connect to print into, mobile hard drives and other high-power devices, it must choose the USB HUB with power supply, the supply voltage can be sufficient, these high-power devices to play a role.

3.Whether with OTG function

If your phone with OTG function, want to use this HUB phone to read the USB flash disk or connect the mouse button and other equipment, then pick with HUB OTG function, the phone can become a computer that way.

4.Whether with Micro SD

If you have a camera or phone memory card, it can buy a HUB with Micro SD function, it will be more convenient when used.

If you want to have the above four functions at the same time, then congratulations, Vention’s USB HUB with power supply has four functions, a device in hand, get rid of all the troubles.

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