The difference in game picture quality

Grass Quality

This parameter mainly affects how dense the grass is and the quality of the grass, because the grass itself has a complex model and complex mapping, and the highest grass quality in many games is very performance intensive.

grass quality
Water Quality

This option is still a big improvement for the screen, looking at the clear water, people will feel different. The quality of the water surface generally do not consume the core power of GPU, so you can turns a little higher.

water quality

Reflection quality

This mainly affects the reflection of the polished surface, such as the surface of the car, and the water, a variety of glass products. This option is also relatively large for the screen to improve, but also more GPU demanding, the computer is not good to use caution.

Shadow Quality

The items in the game are shadows, then the shadow quality is used to adjust the shadows, better shadows will also make the game’s picture more layered, but the shadows themselves are more GPU-consuming, especially dynamic shadows, for most people, shadows as long as there is on the line, there is no need to open so high, cause you generally will not pay much attention to the shadows.

Shadow style

Shadows not only have quality, there is also a style that says, some people like a little sharper shadows, some people like a little softer shadows, shadow style is used to change this. I personally think that the shadows in real life should be on the soft side, sharp seems to be unreal in daily life. This option is adjusted according to personal preference, for performance and image quality is not a big impact.

shadow style
Surface Subdivision

This feature is mainly to make the items in the game more three-dimensional, the option is turned on to get a significant improvement in image quality, far more obvious than the mapping, but this option for the GPU are also quite high, depending on the situation appropriate to open. Generally when playing the game, you will probably not notice the surface subdivision, so open to low or high on the line, no more than to the extreme.

Motion Blur

When you move quickly, you see the surrounding scene is blurred, dynamic blur is used to simulate this, open, when you shake the game perspective, the surrounding image will produce blurred effects, this generally open a little on the line, open high shaking the screen will look very uncomfortable. The bad performance of the computer to open this option will lead to shaking the field of view of the computer is too late to calculate the amount of fuzzy stuttering phenomenon. High frame rate open dynamic blur is to increase the special effects, low frame rate open dynamic blur can be disguised to increase the screen shutter time, can make the low frame of the computer performance better. But from time to time the stuttering will also make you more difficult to bear.

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