Some Uses of USB Adapter and USB Converter

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With the continuous development of science and technology, many industrial users and individual users already have two or more monitors or television sets, and it is not a luxury to set up a dual display system. Now most of the new video card supports dual-head display, the formation of dual display system can be said to be readily available, but some friends use the graphics card does not support dual-head display, this time in the peripheral accessories to play a variety of colorful USB devices can Debut stage. In response to user needs, Ningbo Fulman Technology Co., Ltd introduced a USB adapter, not only supports 1920 × 1080 resolution, and can achieve USB C to VGA and Ethernet, USB to DVI, USB to HDMI Full HD Conversion, and can be a new dual-line system and multi-display system.

usb c to vga and ethernet

The use of USB external graphics, we can easily dual display system or even multi-display system, without having to laboriously open the chassis and then insert a video card. The benefits of a multi-display system are undeniable: Art designers can keep current tasks on one screen and run other tools on a second screen, allowing students to access academic materials while surfing the internet. . . In short, multi-display system will bring more convenience to everyone.

Vention USB adapter Application:
1. Supports two monitors simultaneously display the same large-scale EXCEL stable document
2. Multitasking environment more funny
3. Use a computer multi-screen display and presentation
4 mall POS system, television display system
5. Monitoring project / banking system / cash register system, multi-screen display

It can be changed to a USB C TO VGA converter or a DVI-I TO HDMI adapter into a USB TO HDMI adapter.