HDMI Switch 18gbps

Two-way transmission One-button switch/4K HD 3D visual effects/Audio and video Synchronous transmission/No power required Plug and play

Product Description

If you ever need to manage multiple signals from HDMI sources, you should use an HDMI switch 18 Gbps.

Universal Support for 4K signals

With these high-quality HDMI switches, you do not need to compromise resolution quality. The signals through these excellent switches also support signals at frequencies up to 30Hz. You can enjoy your 4K signals at any time. 

Excellent for HDR Gaming

If you enjoy HDR gaming but need to manage different HDMI sources simultaneously, this switch is the answer. It is designed to deliver a fantastic quality consistently. You can also enjoy quality HDR video streaming or viewing images using the device. That is why we like and recommend this switch.

No Compromise on Output Quality

This unit is made of the best quality materials under excellent conditions. After several tests and confirmations through reviews from customers, you are assured that the output quality will not be lower than the input from the source. You can avoid those common situations that often happen with regular switches.

No Signal Loss During Switches

While using the HDMI switch 18Gbs, you can switch from one connected HDMI device to another without experiencing audio or visual signals loss. That issue often happens when manufacturers use substandard products to make their units. Our company never compromises on quality.    

Compatible With Longer Cables

Many people worry about experiencing lags when using longer cables to connect devices to their switch. However, using longer cables is convenient. Without any worries, you can use longer cables with this HDMI switch 18Gbps device. Take advantage of this feature when you use this particular unit.   

Get Up to 12-bit Color

You need to use the HDMI switch that can pass up to 18 Gbps because it delivers the best color quality from the source. You can enjoy up to 12-bit color on your monitor connected to an HDMI source through this switch. 

Contact Us To Order

Buying an HDMI switch from a trusted brand is your best move to enjoy the outstanding features of this invention. We sell high-quality HDMI switches, and our users love them.

The prices are affordable with on-time delivery, excellent customer service, and support. You can place your order for bulk units from us. Contact us today to discuss your customizable features.



Product Parameters








HDMI Female

Interface Technology


Transmission Direction

1 Input 2 Output/2 Input 1 Output

Shell Material

Aluminum Shell


HDMI 2.0


4k 60Hz,Backward Compatible




1 Year


Color Box


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