The USB is the standard that is used to connect peripherals to a computer and it’s by far the most commonly used port. The USB port is used to connect many different kinds of devices such as keyboards, mouse, cameras, printers, scanners, external hard drives, flash drives, and they can even do networking and so much more. And it’s also used to charge devices such as cell phones. And desktops and laptops will have several USB ports. Now the goal of the development of the USB was to make connecting devices to a computer much easier and this is done by first making one standard connector, therefore eliminating all the other different kinds of connectors. And second, by making connected devices easier to configure. And third, to provide fast transfer rates. The USB port is also hot swappable so devices can be connected or disconnected without turning off the computer or the device. The USB also self-configures itself which eliminates the need for any extensive configuration or no configuration at all and in addition to connecting to a computer certain smaller devices can be powered by the USB port without the need for additional power cables.

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