USB-C (formally known as USB Type-C) is a 24-pin USB connector system with a rotationally symmetrical connector.USB-C cables interconnect hosts and devices, replacing various other electrical cables and connectors, including USB-A and USB-B, HDMI, DisplayPort, and 3.5mm audio jacks.
The 24-pin double-sided connector is slightly larger than the micro-B connector, with a USB-C port measuring 8.4 millimetres (0.33 in) wide, 2.6 millimetres (0.10 in) high, and 6.65 millimetres (0.262 in) deep. Two kinds (genders) of connectors exist, female (receptacle) and male (plug).
The USB Type-C trend was first started by Apple with the introduction of the new MacBook, which brought the powerful technology USB Type-c to the forefront. USB Type-C, is an interface specification which consists of a Type-C plug and a Type-C socket. In various mobile devices and PCs, Type-C has become the most promising data interface. With the gradual maturity of Type-C technology, all kinds of newly listed electronic products in 2017 have also chosen to configure full Type-C interfaces one after another.

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