Wall Plate & Keystone Jack & Modular Plug

This keystone jack Cat6a series can be used for a wide range of functions. It is suitable for tasks involving surface mount boxes, wall plates for keystones, faceplates, or patch panels, among other options. The recommended usage instructions point out that the keystone jack model should be used with optical connectors or jacks with low voltage ratings.

Recommended for basic Cat6A keystone jack functions

This keystone jack model is the best choice for technical projects that involve connections with multiple cables. The material used to make the keystone jack provides an adequate barrier to prevent unwanted interference. This means that with a keystone jack, two cables can’t come in contact.
There is a standardized size measurement for these products, which guides mass production to meet industry requirements. The keystone jack will fit perfectly in different combinations for LAN or Ethernet connections to secure the wiring cable network. They are also referred to as female connectors because of how the accessories are used.

Trusted connectivity

The Cat6a keystone jack features a secure snap-in clip holder. The cable with the snap clip is inserted, and it holds securely while in use. This is why the keystone jack can be used effectively. There are no worries about disconnection because of the firm snap clip that keeps the connection secure.
The snap clip looks durable, so it is very unlikely that it will break or crack during use. The release catch also works seamlessly, so the cable attached can be disconnected after the data transfer process is finished.

Lightweight design

The keystone jack weighs only a few ounces, which makes it ideal for use in a keystone jack holder. It is made from high-quality plastic according to industry standards. The plastic material is non-flammable and has a remarkable impact resistance. The colors available include white, blue, or black.
The design features a dust covering that protects the connectors inside the Cat6a keystone jack. It is necessary to keep the unit free from dust, which can affect its use. The internal connectors are gold plated, which lasts long. The design allows the keystone jack to accommodate different cable connections.

Multiple connections

The type of connections with the Cat 6a keystone jack is unshielded, and it supports bandwidths as high as 250. The unit complies with industry standards such as the ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA 568-C.2, etc. And it supports a wide range of applications, including active and passive networking cables.
With this keystone jack, it is easy to disconnect cables from the unit using the punch-down feature safely. This can be done using the thumb or index finger to release the snap-in catch, and the cable comes out freely.
Overall, the item can easily be stored in a tool kit, and installation takes a few minutes with the right tools. The shipping packaging is secure for bulk orders. There is a user manual with illustrations inside for new users or buyers. The Cat6a keystone jack has excellent performance, and it is reliable.

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