Networking Cable
Cat.6 UTP Patch Cable

For the field of modular connector, there are mainly three types of the plugs: 4P4C, 6P6C, 8P8C. 4P4C and 6P6C connector are mostly used on telephone cords. 8P8C plug, which is also known as RJ45 interface with twisted pair and multi-conductor flat cable is commonly used for Ethernet connection.

RJ45 network cable can also be divided into different categories with different specifications. To begin with Cat.5, it can reach a maximum 100Mbps transmission rate with a transmission distance up to 100m. Cat.5e lift the transmission rate to 1Gbps(1000Mbps) which is the same speed limit of Cat.6. Although they got a different frequency bandwidth with 155MHz and 250MHz. Cat.6A is the upgrade of Cat.6 cable that can support a 10Gbps rate. Cat.7 has a same transmission speed comparing to Cat.6A while it has a better internal shielding technology of SSTP. Cat.8 is the highest standard of network cable until now with a 40Gbps rate, 2000MHz frequency and SSTP shielding. But its transmission distance is only limited within 30m.