HDMI is the abbreviation of high-definition multimedia interface whose first generation is introduced in 2002. It is a video/audio interface delivers digital signal which is considered as a replacement of the analog signal interface such as VGA, while comparing to the last generation digital signal interface as DVI, HDMI can not only deliver video but also audio signal.
The shape of the HDMI are mainly divided into three different connectors. The HDMI-A interface is the most common-seen male connector mainly used for display devices like TV, desktop, laptop, etc. HDMI-C is also known as Mini HDMI connector that is mainly designed for portable devices. Micro HDMI interface is also designed for mobile devices like DV or DLSR.
HDMI 1.0 is released in Dec. 9 2002 with a bandwidth of 3.96Gbps that can support 1080P@60Hz resolution. HDMI 1.4 can support up to 4K@30Hz resolution in 2009. HDMI 2.0 is still the most prevalent interface in the whole video interface market with its first released in 2013. With a bandwidth of 18Gbps, it enhanced its maximum resolution and refresh rate to 4K@60Hz. HDMI 2.1 is currently the highest standard video/audio interface in the market that can support 8K@60Hz video signal standard.

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