Bluetooth Receiver

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The Bluetooth receiver is an accessory everyone should have. Bluetooth technology is widely accepted. This wireless technology is easy to use and convenient. It can be used for short-range connectivity and communication between various electronic devices and without wires and cables. The Bluetooth receiver can be used for almost any device with a USB port. It can transform your audio experience while maintaining the superior audio quality you deserve.

Reliable Connection

This advanced Bluetooth receiver 5.0 technology has good performance with two times faster transmission speed, wider signal range, and strong connection stability with any loss or interference.

Easy to Use, Plug, and Play

You don’t need to worry about charging. There’s no battery, so you can easily plug your Bluetooth receiver into a computer. The Bluetooth receiver can pair with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The transmitter LED will flash blue for the first use. After automatically pairing with your headphone or speaker, it will remain on. And you can switch between two devices to listen to your music.

Ultra Compatible and Driver Free

It’s easy to use and driver-free. Users do not need to download or manually install any drivers. This makes it a convenient and preferred choice for many users.

USB Power Supply

With the Bluetooth receiver, you can never run out of power while listening to music. You can charge it by the USB interface and connect it to the device via an audio adapter.

Display screen

It comes with an aesthetically pleasing display screen. You can view all the information on the wireless streaming status from a simple glance at the screen. Some of the things you can view include the Bluetooth name, TX/RX mode, bluetooth connection station,

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