Speaker Cable & Banana Plug

This audio speaker cable splitter deserves five stars. It works perfectly. It is the best choice for distributing audio signals from a sound source to different speakers or headphones.
The source of the audio signal is usually from one device which emits high-quality audio signals. Here is the best part, this speaker cable splitter distributes the audio signals without reducing the sound quality. This means everyone listening on the headphones can hear the same top sound quality.

Mixing audio with the speaker cable splitter

For audio mixing projects, the splitter can be used. It is also recommended for music producers or DJs who like to infuse fade-ins into their playlists. For audio mixing, the length of the cable provides enough room for multiple users to listen to the sound. The headphones or speakers connected must have an audio jack that matches the male adapter on the speaker cable splitter.

Versatile use

These cable splitters are perfect for headphones, but that is not all. They have been tested with a long list of other musical equipment. The speaker cable splitters can be used with amplifiers, subwoofers, DVD players, and audio systems in cars. They can also connect with TVs that have the right audio jack input compatible with the cable splitter.

High-quality connectors

The speaker cable splitter is reliable because it has been fitted with high-quality connectors. These are the components that aid the distribution of audio files across different speakers. The connectors have been gold plated for durability. The plating also prevents corrosion; this makes the cables last for a very long time. There is no interruption in the listening experience with these cables. Once a connection is established, it can hardly be disconnected, except the adapters are intentionally unplugged.

Color coded connectors

The makers of this speaker cable splitter have made it easy for new users to easily identify the different cables and polarities. The color coding can be understood by anyone who knows what to look for. Color coding these cable splitters helps to ensure the adapters are put in the right audio jacks, and sound output is not compromised.

No signal loss

An essential feature has been added to improve the function of this speaker cable splitter. It is the use of a dielectric insulator to secure the distribution of sound without losing signals. It is possible to lose sound signals when the cable is exposed to moisture that causes oxidation. But the dielectric insulator prevents that from happening. This is another reason why the speaker cable splitter is guaranteed to last for a long time.
Also, the copper cable inside is protected by aluminum foil with a braided outer layer. This is an additional layer that hinders interference from RFI signals.
Overall, this speaker cable splitter is a lightweight and high-grade accessory that has been built to last. It is available for bulk orders; the lead time for production is about 10 to 20 days. It is shipped in cartons which provide a secure cover during transit.

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