How to Layout and Wire Internet Ethernet Cable in House?

The strong/weak-current cables simply are different in the working voltage and carrying current. Generally, we call the signal and control cable with voltage below 38v as weak-current cable, it includes telephone line, internet ethernet cable or lan cable, while the strong-current cable is mainly a power cable for transmitting electric power. Weak-current cable can be widely used for smart appliances, as homes become more intelligent, the layout of weak-current cables need to be improved. Here are basic points that need to pay attention to in cable layout and wiring.
internet ethernet cable

1. Centralized control

With the advent of the Internet and information age, it becomes common for a house to have two phones installed or multiple machines online. In order to ensure the quality of various lines of docking, moreover easy maintenance, it is best to design a centralized control unit for the home phone lines and internet ethernet cable. Specifically, design a small cable box (such as the power distribution box) according to the positions of the lan cable into the rooms, somewhere in the lobby, aisle, studyroom, etc. and allowing to connect all the telephone lines, ethernet cables and cable lines of the outside households, also the cable box, the telephone socket, the network socket and the cable socket of each room in the house can also reach the box.

2. Reserve sockets

There are many places to reserve cable sockets in the house. The living room and bedroom need to reserve layout 1 to 2 each of telephone lines, networking cables and TV cable sockets, which should be distributed in different walls, in order to facilitate changes in electrical furnishings. The toilet and kitchen are to reserve a telephone jack as needed. Whether to reserve a TV cable socket used for TV watching in the dining room also can be taken into considered.

3. Distance to the strong-current cables

Weak signal is a low-voltage electrical signal, that is poor in anti-jamming performance, therefore, lan cable alignment should keep away from strong wires (power lines). To in line with the national standards, the horizontal spacing of the power lines and sockets should be more than 50 cm to the television lines and sockets.

4. Moisture-proof

It is appropriate to install the line about 30 cm from the ground. In general, the ethernet cables are often either routed under the roof or under the floor. Therefore, to make sure cables are moisture-proof and easy to replace, the outside of these wires must be fitted with a strong sleeve, and check whether the wire is open or shorted before adding the sleeve.
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