How to Deal with Network Port Damage

Network port also known as RJ45 port is the elementary interface for a PC to connect with network. The life span of your network port could be various considering the quality and material of the port and more importantly, the swapping frequency of your network cable to the port. If you encounter problems related to network port damage, what solution can we offer?

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1.if you have the ability to open your desktop or laptop and see the motherboard by yourself, the first problem may occur in the pin point of your network port, some of them may break due to the impact or other reasons; welding the break pin point if you got proper tool with you.


2.If the network port is broken, and you can assure that the reason is not about the circuit and pin point, then we need to replace the interface, go to the repair shop, replace your broken port with a new one, this is more troublesome, the cost is also relatively high.


3.The above two solution are based on the situation that you are able to open the shell and inspect the internal structure of your PC and correctly diagnosed the exact problem. If you are not qualified enough to find out the exact reason and resistant to go to the repair shop. The instant and simple solution is to purchase a USB network card for your PC.


Normally, USB network card could be divided into several types considering the different USB interface type and the speed standard of USB. As a result, you are offered with ordinary USB A network card and USB C network card both two types of the interface has two standard of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.


 Whether to buy a USB A/C network card is decided by the interface you got on your computer. Generally, if you got a desktop with extra USB A port, you are recommended to buy USB A shape network card for USB C port is relatively rare on desktop platform(except for some high-end desktop whose motherboard are indeed equipped with USB C) and they usually has more than one USB A port for you to use. On the other hand, if you have a laptop which has USB C port and only a few USB A ports, you can just purchase the USB C shape network card to spare the USB A port for keyboard and mouse. As for users of MacBook and other brand of Ultra thin laptop which only adopted a USB C port, a USB C docking station with network port and other interface will be your optimal choice. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is the key parameter to define your network speed with the former one cater to 100M network environment and latter one capable of 1000M network transmission.


The last option lies on Wi-Fi solution. Laptop users can simply connect to Wi-Fi to avoid wired network connection. As for the desktop user, they can also buy an external wireless network card to enable your computer with the ability to connect with the network.


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