How to Choose the Best HDMI Cable for 4K TV?

HDMI cables can be used in HD playback platform or even 4K high-resolution playback platform, whether it is a HDMI cable 4k 60hz or a ultra HDMI cable for use will affect the display on screen. Some useful purchasing guides are necessary for people who are confused about HDMI cable quality and price, we will explain you several ways to choose the best HDMI cable for 4k at 60hz TV.

ultra hdmi cable

First determine the HDMI interface version

HDMI interface is different, bandwidth and support technology is not the same, and HDMI cable in the market with the same as the HDMI interface is also divided into several versions 1.3 to 2.0, and to maintain backward compatible HDMI cable, so the best way is HDMI cable to be the same as the HDMI interface version , At least the wire version should be higher than the interface version.

If the purchase of wire version lower than the interface to the HDMI2.0 interface with a HDMI1.4 wire is not able to transmit 4K 60hz video, but if you give the HDMI1.4 interface with an HDMI2.0 wire in Use is completely no problem, just spent more money, because the high version of the HDMI cable 4k 60hz will be slightly more expensive.

See if the wire has a certification mark

HDMI certification

Simplay certification

Check whether the product packaging with HDMI or Simplay certification mark, a good wire will also have two Association certification mark, the quality is more secure.

Look at the wire connector

24K gold-plated connector

If the HDMI cable connector is a gold-plated connector, in addition to the more beautiful, in theory, there will be better corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance, but also easy to weld. Therefore, the gold-plated joints will be better than the non-gold-plated, the market generally gold-plated connectors with 24K gold-plated, high brightness. But that does not mean that the connector is gold-plated, and ultimately the HDMI connector is connected to the pin in the HDMI connector, so this part is the most important.


PIN material is generally tin bronze, tin bronze with high elasticity, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The general PIN will be nickel-plated on tin bronze, and then easily plated with gold, so a good pin for the HDMI cable can be observed in three layers.

See the wire manufacturing materials and technology

Traditional HDMI cable core of a variety of materials. The best is pure copper, or pure copper silver, copper can ensure the quality of signal transmission, reduce signal interference and signal loss, the second is the use of alloy and iron as the core. How to identify it? Of course, open to see is the best to distinguish, but also the most unlikely, we can properly bend the wire, copper wire is softer and more flexible, and vice versa may not be copper wire, multiple bending easily broken.

Now HDMI cable core has a new change, I believe many consumers have heard of, is the core of the optical fiber HDMI cable. Optical fiber HDMI cable using optical fiber as the transmission material, compared to the copper signal transmission, the use of optical signal transmission can achieve faster, longer transmission and signal transmission more complete.

Copper wire in the past the longer the transmission distance of HDMI, the attenuation of transmission signals faster, while the optical fiber HDMI cable is a breakthrough in this restriction, easily transmit signals to 300m or more, support for 4K 60hz, effective transmission of 4K video and audio signals, is a fever video User preferred. Of course, for everyday use of our average consumer, copper HDMI cable is enough.

Do not choose a very thin HDMI cable

Someone said that the harder HDMI cable, is it true?

Under normal circumstances, for the same brand of wire is true, the larger the HDMI cable diameter, the conductor cross-sectional area may be larger, it will be able to transfer more current, the final performance of the HDMI cable transmission performance And stable. But often there are many third-line brands in the wire filled with debris to increase the diameter, people look very thick, so first of all we have to choose the big brand factory wire.

No matter what brand, too thin HDMI cable is certainly not selected. The material of the core and the thickness of the shielding layer have a great relationship to the signal quality, too thin wire must be “shrunk” to the core and the shield, we must pay more attention. HDMI common wire gauge there are four.

AWG (American Wire Gauge) value is a function of the diameter of the wire, which is what we often call wire gauges. The AWG value is inversely proportional to the diameter of the wire. The smaller the value is, the thicker the wire diameter is, the larger the current that can be carried is. The longer the number of meters is supported, the corresponding price is more expensive.

In the industry, different wire gauge HDMI ultimate transmission length will be basically between the following values:

30 AWG limit transmission length of 5-8 meters;
28 AWG limit transmission length of 12-15 meters;
26 AWG limit transmission length of 18-20 meters;
24 AWG limit transmission length of 20-25 meters.

Simply put, in the same brand and the same length of wire, the smaller the value of AWG wire transmission effect will be better.


In general, the purchase of HDMI cable 4k 60hz is not necessarily the more expensive the better, as long as the version and transmission capabilities (wire gauge, wire core) for their own audio-visual equipment, and the quality of qualified (wire connectors, certification mark and brand) Good HDMI cable, as to how to choose the best ultra HDMI cable for 4k tv, you need to understand the above knowledge and flexibility to use.


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