How to Choose a DP Cable (part 2)

3.The third vital factor is about the different version of DP cables. Currently, there are two types of DP cable which dominated the market. They are known as DP 1.2 and DP 1.4. Comparatively, DP 1.4 is the newest version of DP cable which enjoys the merits of wider bandwidth(32.4 Gbps) and larger compatibility of resolution(up to 4K@144Hz and 8K@60Hz). On the other hand, the old version of DP 1.2 is only 2K 144Hz, 2K@165Hz and 4K@60Hz supported.

DisplayPort 1.4 Efficiency Improvement
Nevertheless, there also lies a significant price gap between DP 1.2 and DP 1.4. If you only intend to purchase hardware that is under the standard of 4K@60Hz or you are satisfied with your hardware and haven’t got a plan to update your hardware in near future, DP 1.2 is far beyond your need. After all, most ordinary hardware user never requires 8K@60Hz or 4K@120Hz visual experiences. These visual levels also exceed most current graphic processor’s ability. However, if one of the readers is a heavy E-sports players who feel desperate to pursuit not only ultimate refresh rate but also ultra-resolution. A superb graphic processor should be accompanied with a cable with extra bandwidth such as DP 1.4 or HDMI 2.1.

4.The last part of this passage would like to foresee DP 2.0. On June 26, 2019, VESA had officially released the 2.0 version of DP interface. Overall, it theoretically reaches the payload of 77.37Gbps which is almost triple than the last version. Apart from that, DP 2.0 is also designed to be capable of USB Type-C. The new released DP 2.0 heralds the implement of resolution that is beyond 8k and a much higher refresh rate which pave the way for the future VR/AR displays. In prospect, with extraordinary compatibility and incredible bandwidth, we can have the envision of DP2.0’s prevalence shortly.

Display port
Comparing to HDMI which charges a certain amount of annual fee from every manufacturer who implemented HDMI interfaces. DP interfaces are completely royalty-free. Therefore, the DisplayPort interface has received strong support from many international well-known manufacturers. On the contrary, There are a wide variety of devices that support HDMI. In addition to d-SUB and DVI-D, which are included in almost all monitors, HDMI interfaces are also commonly found in high-end, mid-size models. So on the display side, the number of products with HDMI ports is very rich. Of course, except for the display, almost all the GPU is equipped with HDMI ports. Both HDMI and DP have their advantages as well as drawbacks.

All in all, in DP cable selection, three factors should be taken into consideration: connector types, material and length of cable as well as the version of DP. In practical, there is no perfect match but only match perfectly. Any users who planned to purchase the DP cable is recommended to meet their pragmatic need. Any redundancy which causes unnecessary economical waste should be avoided.


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