How to Choose a Docking Station(Part I)

Many of the traditional ports of the computer have been cut off, and only a few ports that can meet the daily mobile office are retained. However, once the projector, wired network, or other USB external devices need to be connected, drive sb crazy .

It is also in this environment that a tool that can solve the problem of fewer computer interfaces-the docking station was born. As for what is a docking station, it is necessary to briefly introduce it here.

A simple understanding of a docking station is a base that can extend the functions of a laptop. Composed of interfaces and slots, it can be connected to a variety of external devices to make up for the lack of laptop interfaces.

So how to choose a docking station?

①Multiple functions, more comprehensive
With the popularity of MacBook Pro, USB-C multifunctional docking station has become very popular. At present, there are seven-port, nine-port docking stations with varying numbers of ports on the market. These ports cover charging, audio, USB, HDMI, SD card, network ports and other functions, and multiple ports can be used at the same time without affecting each other.

Take the nine-in-one docking station of VENTION, a well-known domestic digital brand, as an example. Nine ports can basically meet daily office needs.

Here is a brief introduction, a few interfaces used in daily office

The main function of the USB-C charging port is to power the computer, but it should be noted that not all USB-C ports can support PD fast charging. When choosing a docking station, remember to check whether the charging port supports the fast charging protocol;
HDMI and VGA interfaces can be connected to large screen projections for conferences and meetings, but they must be matched with the corresponding HDMI or VGA cable to achieve projection;
The network cable port is not to mention, mainly to provide a guarantee for a stable network;
SD/TF card interface, can solve the problem of Macbook and Ultrabook card reading without card slot;
The USB3.0 interface mainly realizes the need to transfer data between U disk and mobile hard disk. Of course, it can also connect with mouse and keyboard.

Therefore, when you choose, it is recommended to buy a multi-port, fully functional docking station, because a docking station can basically meet the complex office needs.

②Choose the fast transmission speed
The snail-like transmission speed is often very annoying, especially after the docking station has added many functions, so when you buy the product, remember to look at the card reader interface.

The reading speed of USB3.0 is better than USB2.0. When choosing a docking station, the USB3.0 interface is preferred. From the appearance, the middle plastic sheet of the USB3.0 interface is blue, and the USB2.0 is black or white. Moreover, in theory, the transmission rate of USB2.0 is 480Mbps, which is 60MB/s, and the transmission rate of USB3.0 is 5.0Gbps, which is 625MB/S. Therefore, the transmission speed of USB3.0 is faster than 2.0.

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