How to Choose a Data Cable

Since the quality of the data cable is closely related to the realization of the functions of the mobile phone, it is very important to choose a high-quality data cable. Generally, when purchasing, pay attention to the following three aspects:

USB-C Data Cable

1.The production process of the data cable:

There are roughly three types of data cable manufacturing processes that can be found on the market:

The first is a small workshop product, which is made up of plastic shells;

The second type of housing is made of hard plastic and welded by heat;

The third is to use plastic mixed rubber as the material, compacted by a machine.

You only need to distinguish it from the weight and the welding gap. The latter is much stronger than the other two because the data cable interface and the wire are pressed together using plastic mixed rubber. It is very helpful to extend the life of the data cable. In addition, it also has a certain protective effect on the control chip in the data cable interface.

fast charge

2.The distinction of wire materials:

The thickness and length of data cables of different quality are different. Generally, you should try to choose a data cable with a thick wire diameter, a non-reflective wire surface, and a long enough wire. The thicker the wire. It proves that its tensile strength is high and it has a good protective effect on the copper core; the less reflective the surface of the wire, the more rubber is contained in the wire. This data cable has good elasticity, anti-aging, and is not easy to break; the wire is long enough, then will be quite comfortable in use.

fast charge data transmission

3.Control chip used in mobile phone datacable:

All mobile phone data cables use MAX232 control chips, but mobile phone data cables using fake MAX232 control chips have begun to circulate on the market. The function of the data cable using the fake chip is the same as that of the real chip, but the service life will be greatly shortened. Generally, a better quality data cable will be specially designed with an anti-static circuit to prevent static electricity from damaging the control chip. Since the control chip is hidden inside the connector, it is best to distinguish it according to the material and manufacturing process of the data cable when purchasing. Data cables with better materials and technology generally do not use fake chips.

durable in swapping

4.Pin problems:

Generally, mobile phone data cables are divided into two types: non-full needle and full needle. Although there is no difference in function between full-needle and non-full-needle data cables, it is recommended to choose a full-needle data cable better in order to make limited adjustments to the function definition of the data cable in the future.

aluminum alloy shell

reinforce protective

durable nylon braided

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