Explore various slots on motherboard

PS/2 keyboard and mouse slots

PS/2 is one of the interfaces used for mice, keyboards, etc. In the early time. In general, the PS/2 interface is green for the mouse and purple for the keyboard. If it is two colors, then it means that the mouse and keyboard can both be plugged. This interface does not support hot-swapping, thus is inclined to damage the hardware.

USB interface

Now the motherboard USB interface is generally equipped with two specifications, black USB2.0 and blue USB3.0, some have a light blue USB3.1. some USB interface will be written on some instructions, such as “USB BIOS Flashback”, is the U disk can be inserted to use the BIOS. There are also some special USB interfaces such as USB Type-C and USB Type-B.

Antenna Interface

Most current motherboards do not come with Wi-Fi modules, but some motherboards will be reserved for an antenna interface, specifically for connecting external Wi-Fi antennas this motherboard can be installed wireless card, and then in the installation of external Wi-Fi antennas.

Antenna Interface

Audio Interface

The small round hole on the back of the motherboard is connected to the audio device, audio class interface and generally fiber optic interface, such as the square fiber optic interface, REAR is 5.1 or 7.1 channel rear surround left and right channel interface, C/SUB for 5.1 or 7.1 multichannel speaker center channel and bass channel. MIC IN is the microphone interface, LINE OUT is the main channel output MIC IN is the microphone interface, LINE OUT is the main audio channel output, and LINE IN is the audio input. Simply put, the microphone is generally pink, headphones or speakers are generally plugged into the light green.


CPU slots

The Intel and AMD processor slots are different, because the pin design of these two brand of  processors are different so the motherboard is not compatible.

Motherboard power supply

Most motherboards are 20+4pin power supply, very easy to find, an interface with 24 jacks is it.

Motherboard power supply

Memory Slot

Memory slots are well recognized, there are usually 4 or 2, usually in the fool-proof interface place marked working voltage, such as 1.2V, 1.5V and so on.

PCI-E slots

PCI-E slot is used to expand the hardware, generally is to insert the graphics card, PCI-E slot is directly connected to the CPU, so the speed and bandwidth is very high.

We often see parameters such as X16 PCI-E or X8 PCI-E, this means that it represents several PCI buses, X16 is 16 PCI buses to transfer data at the same time.

SATA slot

The most common hard disk interface, as shown in the figure below, has a bend in the middle, which is the SATA interface. Most hard drives, whether mechanical or solid, use this interface.



M.2 slot

The M.2 interface is a relatively new hard drive interface, faster transfer speeds, greater bandwidth, notebooks with solid state drives are generally used M.2 interface, because you can save a lot of space. Different from other interfaces, m.2 interface is placed horizontally, not far from where there will be screw holes, used to fix the hard drive.

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