Dvi d to vga cable, Can the DVI converted to VGA?

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Dvi d to vga cable, Can the DVI converted to VGA? Usually through the adapter DVI-I adapter VGA, the following are the steps of the operation:

You need to determine whether the interface on the graphics card is DVI-I (24+5) or DVI-D (24+1). In DVI (24+5 is transferable, 24+1 is not transferable). The transfer requires the support of the graphics card interface, as shown in the following graphic card interface;

Dvi d to vga cable,Can the DVI converted to VGA?

Buy DVI-I (24+5) VGA adapter on the Internet or a computer store, as shown below:

Dvi d to vga cable, Can the DVI converted to VGA?


After the motherboard is shut down and powered off, remove the screws on the back of the chassis. Open the rear cover of the computer case and remove the card and the card on the power supply side. Place the chassis on the floor so that the main board is facing upward, and determine if there is a card slot for the discrete graphics card on the mainboard (mostly this type of PCI-E X16).

Then insert the vertical card (vertical card and card slot vertical) into the card slot, the card buckle will firmly hold the card, the card has an external power connector on the top, to receive power.

Connect one end of the adapter DVI-I to the DVI-I port of the graphics card, and connect the VGA cable of the other end to the VGA port of the adapter (the screws of the interface must be fixed)