• How to Choose a Docking Station(Part II)

    ③Choosing the right interface will do more with less It should also be noted that some charging ports support the fast charging protocol, and some are general charging, so you can consider your needs when purchasing. Generally, it supports 100W charging, and it only takes 1-1.5h to fully charge the Macbook. In addition, the HDMI extension function generally supports extended 4K signal output, and some VGA interfaces only support 1080P HD video extension output. ④Good looks and not hot At present, the most widely used in the market is aluminum alloy + ABS material, and the shell made of all aluminum alloy material. Among them, the all-aluminum alloy material is more wear-resistant and has a better texture, and it is easier to conduct internal heat to the surface of the product to speed up heat dissipation. In addition, if each function of the docking station has an independent chip, when multiple functions are running at the same time, it can still maintain a stable and smooth transmission speed. ⑤Small and portable, take it with you The small, thin and space-saving docking station is more suitable for business office, and it is also easy to carry, so don’t hesitate to use it! A good docking station can not only easily connect to external devices such as laptops, but also provide a variety of interfaces for users to use, making office work more convenient and comfortable. However, the specific choice depends on not only your own needs, but also your own budget. The …

  • How to Choose a Docking Station(Part I)

    Many of the traditional ports of the computer have been cut off, and only a few ports that can meet the daily mobile office are retained. However, once the projector, wired network, or other USB external devices need to be connected, drive sb crazy . It is also in this environment that a tool that can solve the problem of fewer computer interfaces-the docking station was born. As for what is a docking station, it is necessary to briefly introduce it here. A simple understanding of a docking station is a base that can extend the functions of a laptop. Composed of interfaces and slots, it can be connected to a variety of external devices to make up for the lack of laptop interfaces. So how to choose a docking station? ①Multiple functions, more comprehensive With the popularity of MacBook Pro, USB-C multifunctional docking station has become very popular. At present, there are seven-port, nine-port docking stations with varying numbers of ports on the market. These ports cover charging, audio, USB, HDMI, SD card, network ports and other functions, and multiple ports can be used at the same time without affecting each other. Take the nine-in-one docking station of VENTION, a well-known domestic digital brand, as an example. Nine ports can basically meet daily office needs. Here is a brief introduction, a few interfaces used in daily office The main function of the USB-C charging port is to power the computer, but it should be noted that not all USB-C …

  • common-questions-of-usb-type-c-converter

    8 Typical Questions of USB Type-C Converter

    Will WIFI usage be affected? Will the wifi break when usb type-c converter connected? Yes, wifi stops working.

  • usb 3.1 type c connector

    What’s Good of Buying a USB Type C to Type C Cable?

    The newest and best new usb type c to type c cable feature high power (up to 100W), high speed (up to USB 3.1 data rate), and the awkwardness of people like me who have been waiting for the flip capability. The pin of a new 24-pin connector makes it compatible with traditional BC1.2 charging. Sounds great, so it's going to be very popular, right?

  • usb 3.1 type c adapter

    What Is a USB 3.1 Type-C Adapter?

    We may remember the USB interface version we used before, from 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 until 2013 introduced the next generation interface Type-C. We often need to use adapters to transform ports. What is USB Type-C? Compared to the previous USB 3.0, what are the new features? Usb type c to usb 3.0?

  • usb c to hdmi and usb adapter

    Why Is the USB C to HDMI and USB Adapter High Rated?

    For users who want to use traditional USB devices on Type-C notebooks, various accessory manufacturers in the market have introduced usb type c to usb 3.0 adapters, so that users can use any Type -A standard USB devices, including USB2.0 and USB3.0 storage devices, mouse, keyboard and so on. Basically buy a such adapter, users do not have to worry about their own USB devices have no useless in a new laptop.

  • type c charger adapter

    Versatile Uses of USB Type-C Adapters

    USB interface after 20 years of development, the transmission speed from 1.5Mbps (USB1.0), 480Mbps (USB2.0), 5Gbps (USB3.0), the development of today's 10Gbps (USB3.1). Usb type c adapter transmission Speed, finally embarked on the road of the real high-speed transmission.

  • The role of the type c charging cable

    What’s the Role of the Type-C Charging Cable?

    Type-C is rapidly gaining popularity, with more and more handsets using the Type-C charging interface, and many electronics industries are beginning to introduce this new interface, including the handset industry, the medical industry, plant equipment, etc. Industrial sectors are widely used, Type-C data line What is the role?

  • apple usb c cable

    What Are Functions of the Apple USB-C Cable?

    Apple usb c cable interface, referred to as USB-C, located in the bottom of the phone, most of the time for charging, data transfer and other purposes. Type-C double-sided plug-in interface biggest feature is to support the USB interface, double-sided insert, formally solved the "USB will never be allowed to" the world's problems, both positive and negative plug. At the same time with it supporting the use of USB data cable must also be more detailed and more portable. So what is the function of TYPE-C data cable? The following by Vention's technical staff for everyone to introduce.

  • Type C data cable

    Five Advantages of the Type-C Cable

    With the popularity of Type C, more and more electronic products have introduced electronic devices that support Type C interfaces. Type C data lines will also be mass-produced by data line factories for supply to major electronic devices. Why Type C is so popular, so quickly accepted? Instead of being rejected, the reason is simple, because it has so many advantages, it just caters to people's needs. The following by Vention's technical staff for everyone one by one to introduce the advantages of Type C data cable.