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  • questions-for-4k-ultra-hdmi-cables

    4K Ultra HDMI Cable: What You Need to Know

    What is the actual display of the display device with different resolutions at the same time? Display devices with different resolutions are backward compatible with the lowest resolution. If the display devices connected to 1080P and 4K are displayed at the same time, they are 1080P.

  • usb c to hdmi converter

    8 Good Features of the USB to HDMI Converter

    HDMI can't be converted to USB, So the hdmi to usb adapter doesn't exist. but USB can be converted to HDMI. USB to HDMI converter is through the USB interface to the computer desktop information to another display device (HDMI or VGA input) with the screen display, or another monitor as the display of this host to expand in the two screens at the same time show different Application software, do not need to install additional graphics will be able to achieve. Which is inserted into the host computer's USB port at one end, the other end connected to another monitor

  • Micro USB C to HDMI

    How to Identify HDMI, DP/DVI, VGA, AV, Audio and USB Interfaces?

    The development of audio-visual equipment in recent years is very fast, high-definition player, network player, Blu-ray player, 3D player and so on an endless stream. No matter how the function of audio-visual equipment changes, its fundamental purpose is to better serve people and meet people's needs. New features, new interface will be in the audio-visual product features can not meet people's entertainment life came into being. As the old RCA can not meet the 1080P high-definition entertainment standards, a new generation of HDMI interface took the HD video transmission responsibility. This article will introduce several common video interface detailed parameters.

  • hdmi to vga rca converter

    Why Is the HDMI to VGA Converter Indispensable?

    When using HD data output, we often need to input these data to different devices. As we all know, HDMI signal output interface is the standard high-definition signal output interface, these output devices such as computers, laptops, HD set-top boxes, hard disk player, PS3, Xbox360, Tablet PC, etc. with HDMI interface. Due to the actual situation, we need to input the signal to the device with VGA interface only, such as the display with VGA interface, LCD TV, projector. Then we need an HDMI converter. This article describes the Green Alliance HDMI to VGA cable with audio line output.

  • hdmi input splitter

    Differences Between HDMI Switcher and HDMI Splitter

    We encounter a problem in daily life: Computer, PS4, set-top boxes must use the television's high-definition interface, you want to convert the use, it is necessary to plug the device back and forth. Frequent plug-in will not only affect the life of the TV interface, serious will burn a few thousand dollars of equipment. HDMI switch came into being, its main function is to achieve the switching of multiple input devices. HDMI switches generally have more than three inputs and one output.

  • hdmi cable 4k 60hz

    How to Choose the Best HDMI Cable for 4K TV?

    When using HD playback platform or even 4K high-resolution playback platform, we can not avoid the choice and purchase HDMI cable, this time some people will ask, how to choose the best 4k HDMI cable will look professional?