Can Normal Phones Be Charged with Fast Charging?

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Ordinary mobile phones generally do not support fast charging, now smart phones can only use the fast charging function supported by the manufacturer. Using a quick charger to charge a normal phone will still not have the quick charge function, and will still have the default charging function.

Can Normal Phones Be Charged with Fast Charging

In other words, charging a normal phone with a fast-charging power source may feel faster, but it’s not much faster, and the technology is determined by the chip inside. In order to ensure the components of the mobile phone, the charging module will limit the maximum current that can enter the mobile phone. Therefore, even if you use a 5A charger to charge an ordinary mobile phone, the current that really enters the mobile phone battery may be less than 2A, which naturally cannot achieve the purpose of fast charging.

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High pressure fast charging technology

High voltage quick charging generally refers to the 9V/2A or 12V/2A power adapter for charging. This charging method has high speed, but it also has the problem of easy heating. Qualcomm QC quick charge and MEDIatek PEP quick charge are the main applications of this technology.

Low voltage fast charging technology

As the name implies, low-voltage quick charge is the common charger on the market, generally 5V/2A,5V/1A,5V/4A and so on. The advantage of this method of charging is low heat.

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The core of flash charging technology is actually two, one is sectional current control, the other is multi-line setting of charging cable and battery. In simple terms, when the mobile phone battery is low, the use of large current charging, with the increase of charging voltage, charging current decreased step by step, this is the segmented charging current control. In addition, the charging cable line of flash charge is expanded from the ordinary 4 or 5 pins to 7 pins, mainly to solve the problem of excessive loss of high current in the transmission line, and the contact point of the battery is also increased correspondingly, and some current sharing measures are taken to solve the problem of battery heating under high current.


Fast charging has three forms: 1. Constant voltage and improved current. 2. the current is unchanged, improve the voltage. 3. voltage and current are increased. Mobile phone to achieve fast charging, can not only improve the voltage and current on the line, but also need a set of perfect circuit, cell, interface, data line and adapter, etc., but also need to do a set of intelligent power management system, so that mobile phone according to different occasions, adjust the voltage and current, in order to ensure the normal charging of mobile phone!

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Can I use a normal phone charging head with a fast charging phone?

The answer is yes! The technology used in fast charging phones is different, Apple phones generally use the PD fast charging protocol, while Huawei uses the FCP protocol, Xiaomi and vivo and some other brands use the GC protocol, all protocols are accompanied by a common feature,  backward compatible with 5v voltage standard chargers, you can use 5v low voltage chargers charging, charging speed will be a little slower, but the battery will last longer!